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With the third book from my Wynrith series coming out next month, I figured it was time for me to make a roleplaying community based off the world and its inhabitants. The community is nearly finished, there's just one small problem...I need beta testers.

I need folks to post topics and to crowd the chatroom to see if we can get anything to crash. I'm planning on going live with the community sometime next month. I'll be including a link to the community on my site, as well as in my Wynrith novels for those who aren't ready to leave the world just yet.

And because I'll be promoting like crazy next month, I should be able to get a few readers to join the community. Basically, the books will bring readers to the community, and the community with introduce new roleplayers to the books, better known as cross promotion.

Would anyone be interested in testing the site with me? If so, let me know and I can send you a PM with the web address.

Spread the word if possible. I know quite a few of you have read Trueblood's Plight, so this might be something you'd enjoy.
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I know there's been a lot of talk lately about the old gryphon guild and how some folks want it to be restored. Sadly, I don't see this happening. Now, I know it seems kind of odd that I'm building a community of my own right when the guild is fumbling for new blood, but it was in my plans anyway.

The community itself is based off the world my main series of books take place in. I've had readers asking for more about the world and I figured what batter way to learn the lore than to play in the world itself? So, over the last handful of days I've been busy at work coding and organizing. It's somewhat decent right now, but I need a few more days to add some mods such as a decent chatroom and to get the banner up on the site (which I've been painting all week).

So yes, Kyva is making a community, but it isn't the guild. There's an actual world to rp in, regions, races, food and lore. Just give me a little more time and I'll happily share it with all of you.
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So...I've written 3 novellas (75,000 words) in a little over two weeks. Over the next week and a half, I'll be editing older works, but I still want to write. However, instead of writing something too serious (which I seem to be doing more of these days) I want to go back to being childish and fun. This can only mean one thing....

Talking Animal Stories!

Yeah...they're overdone, but my brain kind of needs a breather from my more serious pieces. I noticed during the last two weeks while I was writing those erotica novellas how fast and fun they were. It was way outside my comfort zone, but for some reason, they ended up being some of my better writing (because I didn't stop to think about what I was writing every 10 minutes).

Then, this week I wrote a story that's been in my head for 2 years, which is more sci-fi than fantasy. 25k in, and it's finished (I didn't want to stretch it with fluff).

Realizing what I have these last two weeks, I know I'm more attracted to smaller, novella sized stories. However, I really liked being able to link the two erotica novellas together in a series. And I'd love to do that again, only this time, something for readers who shy away from written sex scenes. The easiest thing I can think of are talking animals.

You may recall a post like this sometime last year, about talking ferrets. This is still a possibility, but I wanted to get some insight first. What animals have you not seen personified (as the main cast) in a novel or series of novels? I'd love to do rats, but they've already been done. I'm also attracted to red pandas, but have no idea as to why.

Have any suggestions? Where would they live? What's the conflict/danger?

If I can get this rolling, those who help out with the story posts will have a mention on the site as well as the books themselves (when I publish them). So, have at it :)
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Amazon came out with a new agreement to indie authors so long as we only place our book on their site. I decided to give it a shot with a short story of mine as well as The Waking Grove since it doesn't seem to sell anywhere else.

From now until Wednesday, you can download both stories for free. Please spread the word if either title sounds like something someone you know might like.

Hope you all have a great weekend. As for me, I'll be editing, formatting for print and coding a new website layout. Enjoy.

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Nov. 7th, 2011 10:22 am
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This is a reminded that tomorrow marks the end of the Goodreads giveaway for Trueblood's Plight. Enter if you haven't already for a free paperback copy signed by yours truly.  Enter here. 

It's been doing great so far. Close to 600 people requesting a copy and over 100 folks have added it to their to-read pile. I'm so thrilled and I'm getting somewhere in its sequel. Close to 15,000 words written already for Endarkened Touch. Now, to go work on formatting my middle grade novel for the end of the month. I'll be so happy when I don't have a backlist anymore. Too much to edit, format and publish so close together.
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I know this may be news to most of you, but there's a site I've been working on for the last few months. Now, after more hours I can count and over forty posts, I'm ready to share the site with you. It's called Writing for the Web and covers topics such as freelancing for profit, monetizing a blog or website, building niche sites as well as marketing and Adsense tips.

Please, if at all possible, spread the word around. I want to get this information to as many who need it as I can and I cannot do it alone.

Thanks in advance. Hope you all have been well.
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Okay, I know a few folks on my friend's list play wow and because of a post Tyr had on her blog last evening, I decided to sort of make a meme for all of us. I'm going to make this public (first ever) so if you have friends who want to play, they can.

So, the questions:

1. What sever do you play on most?
2. Who/what is your main (can be more than one)?
3. Professions?
4. Skill in fishing?
5. Achievement you're most proud of?
6. Most non-combat pets obtained on a single character?
7. Most mounts?
8. Favorite rep grind?
9. Favorite race?
10. Highest raiding achievement?

Feel free to add on more. These are just what I can think of.

1. What sever do you play on most?
Wyrmrest Accord

2. Who/what is your main (can be more than one)?
Zuriee - horde lvl 80 druid - feral bear/boomkin
Suronto - horde lvl 80 hunter - Beast Mastery (no dual spec)

3. Professions?
Suronto - mining and gnomish engineering
Zuriee - Harbalism and inscription

4. Skill in fishing?
Suronto - 264
Zuriee - 378

5. Achievement you're most proud of?
A tie between "Why, because it's red" (red bug mount) and "Swift Razzishi Raptor" Both on my druid.

6. Most non-combat pets obtained on a single character?
59 on my lvl 74 paladin before I burnt out. I'm now trying to farm those pets again .... this includes the emerald whelping which I killed over 4000 times for 2 drops.

7. Most mounts?
18 so far on Suronto. I have the rep for more, just trying to decide if I want to give the gold to him or Zuriee.

8. Favorite rep grind?
Oracles are fun, but I also like the sons of hodir. Also doing netherwing ... see if I get to exaulted this time.

9. Favorite race?
horde - not sure I could pick. However, looking at my character list, I seem to have a thing for trolls. Even though none of them are over lvl 30.
alliance - dwarves hands down. Humans look odd, NEs are like rabbits, gnomes are creepy and dreanei .... they're too pretty.

10. Highest raiding achievement?

I actually started raiding on Suronto a few weeks ago. I got to go into a 10 man of trial of the champion, which I loved! Now, as for ones I can solo .... for zuriee it's definitely Kara and ZG.

So, how about you?
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OK, for those of you whom commented last night, I re-watched avatar and am scanning it a 3rd time.  I've also checked amazon.  There are definitely scenes missing from this first video release.  I have also read that the blue ray requires software updates that you may or may not have to order online.  The blue ray is 2 disks, one blue ray and one normal DVD, no special features.

The special features and extended scenes are supposed to be coming out in November.

From amazon:

"I loved the movie and seen it many times in theaters. However, when my friend bought this movie and we wtched it on DVD we were shocked. Not only are there no extras, there were MISSING SCENES. There were some scenes in the movie that were not on the dvd version. I heard that another version will come out that will include new scenes and footage and the extras and the 3D version, but you ave to wait till the end of the year to even 2011. "

"I just bought this movie today, popped it in the Blu-ray player for the family and found out I need a @#$%ing firmware update from Sony to play it. I went to their website to download the update only to find there is only a windows version. So now I have to wait a week for Sony to send me a CD. Thanks James a heads up on your new security software would have been nice."

Leaving this public for anyone who needs it.

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