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OK, for those of you whom commented last night, I re-watched avatar and am scanning it a 3rd time.  I've also checked amazon.  There are definitely scenes missing from this first video release.  I have also read that the blue ray requires software updates that you may or may not have to order online.  The blue ray is 2 disks, one blue ray and one normal DVD, no special features.

The special features and extended scenes are supposed to be coming out in November.

From amazon:

"I loved the movie and seen it many times in theaters. However, when my friend bought this movie and we wtched it on DVD we were shocked. Not only are there no extras, there were MISSING SCENES. There were some scenes in the movie that were not on the dvd version. I heard that another version will come out that will include new scenes and footage and the extras and the 3D version, but you ave to wait till the end of the year to even 2011. "

"I just bought this movie today, popped it in the Blu-ray player for the family and found out I need a @#$%ing firmware update from Sony to play it. I went to their website to download the update only to find there is only a windows version. So now I have to wait a week for Sony to send me a CD. Thanks James a heads up on your new security software would have been nice."

Leaving this public for anyone who needs it.
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